Always take Pictures....... Always

     For me, it's always been easy to not take a picture, but to just remember it in my minds eye. So over time I began to play with the idea of starting BucketHead.Media. But, the burning question that I always came back too was, "What do I have to offer to the world of Photography?". And for me my answer has always been, "I want to show people what I see and how I see the world."

     Now granted, that's a bold statement to make. I mean, what if nobody likes the way I see the world? Well, my answer to that is.. "Then I have to try harder".

     I want to show you the detail and the beauty around us. I want to freeze time and show you what is really happening in that 800th of a second. But,  I also want to slow time down to show you the beauty of movement. 

     Capture the moment and tell the story, and always take pictures......Always