Small Town Grown. Community Driven. Conquering  Boundaries.

BucketHead.Media is a classic case of dream to reality. Getting a bit of a different start, Kevin began his journey with an old film camera and a small client base. After receiving stellar reviews on his work, he began to study the art of multimedia, develop his craft, and acquire the  necessary equipment to become successful. BucketHead.Media began with a very specific niche: athletes and fitness. As Kevin grew as a photographer and became more recognized, his services grew as well. While Kevin still works in that industry, his wide range of clientele come to him for his ability to capture true passion and emotion in motion. 

So what is BucketHead.Media? It's simple: We transform life events into memories that will last forever. 


Current House Photographer 

          Charleston Music Hall  

           The Orange Peel 

           National Shows 2 

“Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still “
— Dorothea Lange